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Rise up from the ashes of your past, to the brilliance of your future and share your unique story of how you overcame your trauma.


Why Share Your Story with Kelsey?
This is a place to share your story, from your heart. We are all here so you can be heard with compassion and support. A traumatic experience may be the common start to each of our stories, but how we have chosen to live, heal and breakthrough, is how we can empower each other.

How Will Your Story be used?
If selected, your story will be featured in Kelsey's online Journal and in the She Will Rise Newsletter. There may also be an option to have your story read and/or be interviewed on the She Will Rise Podcast.

Do all stories get featured?
Due to the volume and nature of the topics that Kelsey receives in the realm of trauma, some stories may not be selected. If your story is sales type in nature it will not be posted. This is not about promoting your work or business. You will be able to share your social media handles and website and any other resources you have that relate to your story. 

Two Photos of Yourself
If your story is selected Kelsey will be asking you to submit two photos of yourself to be used with your story (this is optional). One headshot photo to be shared on She Will Rise social media and one photo of yourself doing something you enjoy to be shared on the Journal post with your story. Please make sure they are as professional as they can be.

Privacy Policy
Your personal information will only be used by Kelsey to connect with you to discuss your story and how it will be shared, unless you opt to have your info shared with your post. There is an option to share your story and be completely anonymous (details below in the form). She Will Rise will not share your information with any third party and will not send you any emails unless you have opted in for Kelsey's Newsletter.


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Do you want to schedule a coaching call with Kelsey to help you share your story?
The goal is to feel empowered and a sense of freedom while empowering other women who have been through a similar experience. If you are feeling raw or extremely vulnerable and have a lot of anxiety or fear about sharing your story, that is a good indicator that you are not ready and could retraumatize yourself in the process. This coaching session will help you assess where you are at, and leave you feeling like you have a plan to work towards sharing, or it can help you breakthrough those blocks. Available in 1/2 hour and hour sessions. $50 for 1/2 hour. $90 for 1 hour.
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Please make sure this is fully edited and proofed, as we do not provide copy editing service. Your article will be posted as shared. Please focus your story on how you worked through the trauma or challenging experience. Keep the details about the trauma short and sweet. We are focusing on empowering other women to work through their trauma! No venting, please.
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