My Journey With Primrosa #1

My first interactions with this white horse were noting short of magical!

I have dreamed of White Horses and the first horse I fell in love with was Moon, a white {grey} horse.  I still feel her in my heart but it was bad timing and she has another home, another story for another time.

My son is 4 months old and so when I got pregnant I put horse ownership out of my mind and heart because I knew that the next 5 years would be going into building my family.  

I still wanted to be around horses and work with them but had to let go to focus on my health and my baby.

My pregnancy was challenging and postpartum even harder so I slowly phased horses out of my life until I was able to be around them again.  Although any chance I got I went and played with my favorite guys Peter and Bro.

The owner of Peter and Bro, Coral Duval of Body Mind Equine, my dear friend, texted me about a month ago and said “ are you ready to put your animal communication hat back on? There are some horse that need you”.  I felt my whole body say yes!!!

She sent me a picture of this white Lipizzan and Coral needed me to check in with her as she is trying to help her and needed to know where she is at and what she needs.

My whole heart flooded with emotion when I first saw this picture.


My husband, sitting next to me with our baby, asked if I was crying.  I was!

She was beautiful and powerful.  I was so excited to connect with her.

I was up in Canada visiting family and friends. I handed baby off to Gramma and went into the bedroom to have some time connecting with Primrosa.

Right away she told me a lot. She told me what she liked, what she didn’t, what she needed help with. She was a boss lady!


Primrosa told me I needed to work with her too…. WHAT? How was that possible? I couldn’t, could I? There were so many things that would have to work out for this to work out. With a new baby, I couldn’t, or could I?

So I went to meet her……

Kelsey Lawford