Welcome, Dear Sister,

I am so glad that you found me and so I want to welcome you.

I wish I could welcome you with a warm smile and a big heart to heart hug...But this being the internet I can't.


I am so so grateful to be able to share with you here. I am so humbled that you are here reading, along with my life and the lives of all these beautiful women about the things that are important to us.

I am going to talk openly about a lot of issues that to some may seem controversial and uncomfortable.

You will most likely hear a lot about my life as I can’t not refer to it, and it is why I am sharing in the first place. My life and what has happened to me is the reason I am here sharing and caring and working with all of you.

I can not promise perfect English, spelling, and grammar as I don't have an editor and those are not my strong points as I work with dyslexia.


I can promise truth around the things I care deeply about. I can promise a resource for you who have maybe gone through some similar things and a place to come to that you can hear about others who have gone through the same.

I will talk/write about what its like to experience and how to work through the challenges around:
sexual trauma
chronic pain
chronic illness
substance abuse
complex trauma
and how to heal these things through the nervous system, and self-love.

Essentially all the things that get us tied up and knots and bring us to our knees. These things create a common bond between us because we are human and have experienced hard times around these things, or know someone who has.

Let me be clear though; this is not going to be a blog about all the crap in life. This is about how to work with these hard topics in our lives and breakthrough the areas we get stuck. I and many others have and continue to be committed to the breakthrough moments. We are of this earth, and when we come together, we can make a difference in the lives of many.

I hope to inspire, answer questions, bring hope, let you know that you are not alone and that you can break through the tough stuff that is potentially holding you back in your life.


I want to hear your FEEDBACK "good" and "bad." If something I write about strikes a nerve in you I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. IF IT INSPIRES you, I want to hear about it. If you have something you want me to write about or have questions you want my view on ASK ME!

If you feel inspired to share something you have been through LET ME KNOW. I feature women on my blog sharing their stories, and you can also share your story via the She Will Rise Podcast.

Last but not least. I have a big soft spot in my heart for you all, and there is a lot of love to be shared here.

So I invite you to put on your cozies, make some tea and curl up in your favorite spot. It's you and me, sweet woman, we are in this together.


Kelsey Lawford