My soul finds its home in the wild


My soul finds its home in the wild.
Where the only sounds are those of the natural world which soothe my frantic mind.
When you can listen to a breeze and hear what the trees have to share with you.
A bird not only sings but shares its story with you as the first rays of light kiss the sky.
The trees who have witnessed lifetimes in their one existence impart their ancient wisdom blessing us with clean air for our tired grief ridden lungs.
I feel washed by the rivers, bathed by the lakes and born again by standing under the water falls.
Here I can be naked with desire and scream into the rich earth.
The stars offer expansion shining down from other worlds.
The wild mirrors my raw soul showing me that the chaos in life is all apart of growth, it is apart of our very nature.

Kelsey Lawford