Morning Rituals for a better day


Start your day off with the intention of caring for yourself and loving yourself.

I can not express enough how important that this is. This will make a huge difference, especially, if you are in a tough spot in your life. Even if the day is still hard you are banking hours of self-care which in the long run will add up.

A morning ritual can set you up to at the very least be able to deal with the day.

A lot of us wake up and instantly get to work or get on social media.

More and more studies are proving that social media in the morning first thing is a day killer. What you want to do when you wake up is make it all about YOU! There may be a million excuses running through your head. BUT I can guarantee you this is easier then you think.

Morning rituals:

Wake Up Take 5 deep long breaths before getting out of bed. Or while you are in the shower or while you are drinking your morning beverage.

Make tea/coffee/fav morning bevy in your favorite mug. Mine is a unicorn rainbow mug that always makes me feel special.

Make your shower a mini spa experience. Dry brush or self-oil massage before you jump in. Or have a favorite smelling body wash with a loofa to wash with. Think about washing yourself clean and free of anything that is not serving you and let it rinse down the drain.

EXERCISE!! This is huge and get the blood flowing your energy moving and brain active and thinking about something else. This does not have to be an hour long work out, 20 mins is all it takes to get the blood pumping and breath activated. Also, find an exercise that you enjoy doing for an hour. My fans are Bellyfit, Dancing, Hiking with my dogs, Yoga, and Barre 3.

Quick morning fitness ideas:

20 jumping jacks

jumping on your mini trampoline

20 mins of Sun Salutations

walking outside

Lunge while walking around your house to get to and from the kitchen and bathroom etc.

Put on your favorite song and dance while making your breakfast

What I am pointing to is make what you enjoy into a ritual. What is a ritual you might be asking? It is an act done with an intention to create certain energy that will support you in whatever you need support in. And it is something done daily or often to help you create a rhythm intention that brings you support and wellbeing.

Life gets a whole lot more fun and magical when your morning coffee becomes your morning ritual that is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Find many things throughout the day that you can do this with. It makes a difference, and that difference can be something that makes your day unbearable to doable to maybe even fantastic!

Kelsey Lawford