Big Work and Burnout

Yes, we all have BIG WORK TO DO yet is it worth the BURNOUT?

I mean real burnout, the kind where you develop a chronic condition that now you might have to work with your entire life kind of burn out.

I am not sure if that was everything that lead to my chronic health issues but pushing myself beyond my limits is something I am familiar with.

What if every time you push yourself to get out there there is months of recovery time?

I see people pushing themselves into health issues and I am/was one of them.

Now I am being asked and sometimes forced to take my time and slow down. I have a big vision that my body, my human body, can’t always keep up with. I spent years ignoring it and just keeping on keeping on.  I can fake it real good and pretend that I am fine when really I feel like I could sleep through the next ice age.

There is a difference between working yourself into exhaustion and working hard.  What is the point when you get there and then you are too sick to celebrate your accomplishments?

These are all things I am contemplating as I take some major steps back in my life to allow my body to heal.

Yes, I just spent close to $8000 on my new website and business coaching and launching my podcast and building clientele etc etc

AND yes I have to somewhat take major steps back because I have worked myself into exhaustion….it didn’t even feel like I was doing that much.

AND it was too much for my body.  Now I have to face the facts that I can’t do any of the fun things I love to do like, hiking, surfing, playing outside and taking care of my garden.

It is so easy to over commit in our fast paced world and I am watching it all fly by me.  I am watching more and more people commit suicide, fall into addiction, have serious health issues and it scares the shit out of me.

Do we all really need to all live  “GREAT BIG HUGE AMAZING LEADERSHIP FUCKING AWESOME LIFE”? Do we all need to go into overwhelm because we should be out there saving the world?

What if we don’t forget about the most important world….our inner world?

What if we remember that if we can’t take complete care of ourselves we can not take care of others?  What if we let those who have to energy to be big be big and for us to be humble enough to take our turn.

I believe we all have a great purpose here on this earth, and part of that is helping those around us because we are not supposed to do it alone.

The most powerful leadership I have come across is those leading my living by example.  A person who is so committed to their health because they are challenged with some chronic issue and they are not afraid to be real about it inspires me more than a person who is globally recognized making millions and destroying their health and body to get there or someone who is faking being great when really they are struggling just to build a business.

Self-love is self-care and I see a world which is starving for that kind of shift. Where people know themselves so intimately that they know exactly how to care for their deepest wounding, their most vulnerable states and the beautiful bodies they have been given.

It seems like every week I hear of more cancer, more suicide, more auto-immune, more anxiety, more depression, more and more and more.

There are many reasons for this and western culture does not support us to address these at the source.  We are not encouraged to live with our natural circadian rhythms and follow the seasons. Most of the advertising out there is about getting fit, building a big business, looking happy when maybe you are not, create the perfect life where you barely work and make millions, be a global leader no matter the cost, turn yourself into a human pretzel, sacrifice your sleep so you can make millions and look fabulous while you are doing it.  I have heard all of these things and I have seen them on social media.  All of that is possible if you are one of the rare humans out there or a ROBOT!

I want to talk more about what is real, what is truly happening for you at a core level.  I want people to feel safe to say, hey I feel like absolute shit today and have been for the last month and that is where I am at.  I want people to feel ok with not building a huge business but maybe a size that supports a simple life.

I have bought into all of that stuff, that makes my hair fall out from trying to achieve it, and now I see that it is not so important unless it is your calling.

I see that honoring this human body that I have been given this time around is what matters.  I see that letting go of the ideas of what I should be and resting in what I have been given feels more freeing.  On the days I find that hard to accept I cry and reach out for support and then I take a nap!

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